Friday, May 16, 2008

2 Things Challenge - Noise and Peace

Visual Noise – "The Shed Barbeque" in Ocean Springs, MS. You haven't had barbeque till you've eaten at The Shed ya'll!

Jackson Lounging in Chocolate Mint

:: :: My beloved Jackson went missing Sat. June 7th. We found her just yards from the house lying in a low place under some hedges. She had mysteriously passed away. She was a awesome little friend who was extremely smart and responded to every word with a special look or an action. She is greatly missed. :: ::

Jackson - May 2008. She was outside in her favorite spot, but when I went outside to chat with her, she came to meet me and laid down on my foot.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Katrina Memorial

Part of the Katrina Memorial which is dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It is located on the Town Green along Hwy. 90 in Biloxi, MS. ABC's "Extreme Makeover" crew, which helped create it, held an opening ceremony Feb. 15, 2006. The memorial consists of a glass case (part of which can be seen here) which is made up of a collage of various items from destroyed buildings. The other part of the memorial is a tiled wave wall standing 12' high which represents the water which surged in at the Green during the storm. Many places had much higher surge levels... some of Waveland's witnesses to the surge reported 40 to 50 foot surges as some rode out the storm high up in pine trees.

Katrina Memorial Pictures
Biloxi - Photo Galleries

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