Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life Among Ruin in 2008 - Waveland, MS Sunset

Sunset on Oak Blvd.

Two years and 7 months after Katrina, the ruined environment remains an all-too-real part of Katrina's legacy of destruction – a reminder that permeates one's view of the landscape.

However, varied plant life continues its struggle to live and grow amid the starkness and the tangles of thousands of dead and dying trees. Residents, such as my brave friends on Oak Blvd. (whose yard and sunset view are pictured here) have vowed to rebuild. Life is indeed present.

February Sky.

Life Among Ruin.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sun and Shadow - Snow Daze in Oxford

Two Cans

Paint cans (used to hold down a blue tarp which covers up some maintenance supplies for the apartments) provided me with a different kind of snowy subject matter. We received our 1" of snow overnight on March 7th. The morning of the 8th. was a veritable little wonderland for me as it has not snowed here this much in about 3 years. The last "big" snow we had, which was about 6", was in 1998.


Early Morning

You can see more snow images from around my yard at my garagillentine blog.

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